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Manicure, pedicure

Nothing can beat well-groomed and beautiful natural nails! This is one of the main preconditions for a beautiful manicure.


Waxing is done with professional Clean & Easy wax. A specially developed oil before bikini and armpit wax makes it practically pain-free.

Body massage

Massage is an effective remedy for relaxing the body, alleviating pain, eliminating muscle tension and improving blood circulation.

Vacuum massage

During the procedure, fluid and toxin outflow from the intracellular space, blood circulation stimulation, stimulation of the lymphatic system, and activation of the immune system are accelerated.

Manicure and pedicure - the beauty of your nails!

Nothing can beat well-groomed and beautiful natural nails! This is one of the main preconditions for a beautiful manicure.

Manicure master uses only professional nail care products (EMi, LUXeGel, Kinetic, Na_ls, etc.) in her work, which occupy a leading position in the professional beauty industry and produce the latest generation of professional cosmetics for hand and foot care.

During the first procedure, the master will provide an assessment of your nail condition with exhaustive information on nail care and recovery / rejuvenation. Loyal customers are provided with personal nail care products and careful monitoring of the natural condition of nails.

Body massage services

Massage has been known as an effective remedyfor relaxing the body, alleviating pain, eliminating muscle tension and improving blood circulation since ancient times.

At the same time it promotes skin breathing, enhances the function of the fat and sweat glands, and helps to maintain the balance of energy in the body.

* The apparatus procedure is a unique, proprietary cosmetology facility that can benefit from four different cosmetological methods in one procedure. Body massage services - Skaistuma Ēra, salon in Jelgava


Manicure and pedicure services

  • Classical manicure

    15.00 Euro

  • Classical Manicure + Nail-Firming IBX Procedure

    25.00 Euro

  • Manicure with LUXIO gel coating

    30.00 Euro

  • Gel polish removal

    10.00 Euro

  • Gel nails extensions

    35.00 Euro

  • Gel nails prophylaxis

    30.00 Euro

  • Nail design

    3.00–7.00 Euro

  • Classical pedicure

    25.00 Euro

  • Pedicure with gel coating

    35.00 Euro

Podologist services

  • Healing pedicure

    25.00 - 40.00 Euro

  • Healing foot care

    30.00 Euro

  • Healing foot care + polish coating

    35.00 Euro

  • Ingrown nail correction

    15.00 Euro

  • Corn removal

    15.00 Euro

  • Warts treatment

    15.00 Euro

  • Nail care treatment affected by fungal infections

    40.00 Euro

  • Nail prosthetics with healing nail gel (1 nail)

    5.00 Euro


  • Classic back massage (40min)

    20.00 Euro

  • Classic full body massage (1h or 1h30min )

    30.00 - 35.00 Euro

  • Neck massage

    15.00 Euro

  • Head massage

    10.00 Euro

  • Full body lymphatic drainage massage with hands (50min)

    30.00 Euro

  • Leg lymphatic drainage massage with hands (30min)

    15.00 Euro

  • Full body chocolate massage (1,5 h)

    40.00 Euro

  • Hot stones massage 1,5 h

    40.00 Euro

  • Aroma treatments for face and body 1 h

    30.00 Euro

  • Detoxification procedure "BIODROGA" + face procedure 2.5h

    70.00 Euro

  • Thai foot massage

    22.00 Euro

  • Reflexology foot massage

    15.00 Euro

Massages by a Certified Massage Therapist

  • Back massage (40min)

    25.00 Euro

  • Full body massage (90min)

    40.00 Euro

  • Intensive sports massage (60min)

    50.00 Euro

  • Lymphatic drainage massage (90min)

    50.00 Euro

Vacuum massage with STAR VAC

  • Full body

    30.00 Euro

Biorevitalization for the body

  • Biorevitalization complex for the body against cellulite (RRS HA CELLUTRIX)

    120.00 Euro

  • Biorevitalization complex for the body against stretch marks (RRS HA STRIMATRIX)

    120.00 Euro

Waxing services

  • Oriental Sugar Waxing

    from 20.00 - 30.00 Euro

  • Full bikini waxing

    25.00 Euro

  • Bikini line

    15.00 Euro

  • Armpits

    15.00 Euro

  • Upper lip

    8.00 Euro

  • Chin

    8.00 Euro

  • Arms

    15.00 Euro

  • Legs to the knee

    15.00 Euro

  • Legs (full length)

    25.00 Euro


  • PQage EVOLUTION PROMOITALIA (Immediate lifting, smoothing of deep wrinkles on the skin)

  • Face

    50.00 Euro

  • Face + neck + décolleté

    70.00 Euro


  • Belly button, lip, brow or nose*

    21.00 EUR

  • Tongue or chin

    26.00 EUR

  • Microdermal piercing from*

    30.00 EUR

  • Intimate piercing from*

    50.00 EUR

  • Ear piercing (both ears)**

    17.00 EUR

  • Ear piercing (1 ear )**

    12.00 EUR

  • Ear piercing with 2 masters (for kids )**

    20.00 EUR

  • 1 nipple piercing ***

    40.00 EUR

  • Both nipples piercing ***

    70.00 EUR

  • Ear piercing in the cartilage ***

    15.00 EUR

*Piercing is not included in the price.
** Earrings included in the price.
*** Earrings included in the price.

Endospheric therapy

  • Endospheric therapy for the face (30 min)

    30.00 Euro

  • Endospheric therapy for problem areas (45 min)

    45.00 Euro

  • Endosphere therapy for the whole body (75 min)

    60.00 Euro

Subscribers to endospheric therapy

  • 6 procedures for problem areas

    245.00 Euro

  • 6 procedures for the whole body

    330.00 Euro

  • 10 procedures for problem areas

    350.00 Euro

  • 10 procedures for the whole body

    500.00 Euro

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