We offer facial care according to the wishes of the client and skin type, determine the type of skin and advise on proper skin


Peeling improves the condition and appearance of all skin types. It restores water balance,  eeply cleanses the skin, prevents the formation of comedones.

Facial aesthetics

Eyebrow shaping and correction. Eyebrow and eyelash dyeing. Eyebrow correction. Eyelash extensions.


Make-up, We offer individual consultations and professional evening and wedding make-up!

Facial treatments for all skin types.

We offer high quality facial treatments for all
skin types and needs.

During facial treatment, facial skin is perfectly supplied with minerals, oxygen, vitamins, and free radicals.

The used cosmetics have anti-inflammatory properties, and are also suitable for sensitive skin; it delays signs of aging and it has many other good qualities!

* The apparatus procedure is a unique, proprietary cosmetology facility that can benefit from four different cosmetological methods in one procedure.


Cosmetologist services

  • Ultrasonic face cleaning + mask

    40.00 Euro

  • Neckline cleaning

    35.00 Euro

  • Back cleaning

    40.00 - 50.00 Euro

  • Dermabrasion treatment + massage + mask

    45.00 Euro

  • Manual face cleaning

    40.00 Euro

  • Classic face massage + mask

    30.00 Euro

  • Biorevitalization

    120.00 Euro

  • Mesotherapy treatment for face

    70.00 Euro

  • Mesotherapy procedure for the body

    50.00 Euro

  • Mezocare treatment procedure

    55.00 Euro

    (for lifting, for skin tone against wrinkles)

  • GIGI Bioplasma procedure for immediate skin renewal

    50.00 Euro

  • GIGI Nutripeptide procedure

    50.00 Euro

    (strong antiage effect and immediate effect)

  • NEW! GIGI Carboxytherapy

    55.00 Euro

Face peelings  

  • GREEN PEEL herbal peeling

    180.00 Euro

    (includes 2 procedures + home care kit)

  • GIGI chemical AHA acid peelings

    35.00 Euro

  • Almond acid peeling

    30.00 Euro

  • Mezococktail with DERMO-PEN

    40.00 Euro

    (wrinkle filler, pigment whitening, "Botox -like’’effect)

  • PQage peeling

    50.00 Euro

    (immediate lifting, wrinkle smoothing)

  • PRX - T33 peeling

    60.00 Euro

    (non – injectable biorevitalizer)

Eyebrows and eyelashes services

  • Eyebrow waxing with wax

    5.00 Euro

  • Eyebrow correction with tweezers

    3.00 Euro

  • Eyebrow dyeing

    5.00 Euro

  • Eyelash dyeing

    5.00 Euro

  • Biotattoo with henna

    20.00 Euro

  • Eyelash perm

    30.00 Euro

  • Eyebrow lamination procedure

    35.00 Euro

  • Eyelash lamination procedure

    45.00 Euro

  • Classic eyelash extensions

    35.00 Euro

  • Eyelash extensions in 2D,3D technique

    40.00 Euro

  • Eyelash extension removal

    7.00 Euro

Aqua Cleanse Mini Hardware procedures

  • Face cleaning HydraFacial

    50.00 - 60.00 Euro

    (deep cleansing and skin care)

  • Anti - Acne HydraFacial

    65.00 Euro

    (problem skin care)

  • Brightening HydraFacial

    65.00 Euro

    (skin tone smoothing procedure)

  • Extreme Hydration HydraFacial

    70.00 -80.00 Euro

    (care for dehydrated skin)

  • Men's skin care HydraFacial

    50.00 - 60.00 Euro

  • HydraFacial for the back area

    60.00 - 70.00 Euro

    (for problem skin)

  • Luxury Anti - Age HydraFacial

    90.00 Euro

    (rejuvenation of the skin of the face, neck, décolleté area)

*The price depends on whether an additional mask is used..

Make-up services

  • Day make - up

    25.00 Euro

  • Evening make-up

    30.00 Euro

  • Photo make-up

    30.00 Euro

  • Wedding make - up

    35.00 Euro

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